Did you know that Approximately $3.14 Billion Dollars are 
Spent in the U.S.A. Annually on Candles???

And it has been estimated that there are 10,000+ Candle Scents Available.... 

There is Simply Not Enough Time to Sniff Them All.

And Your nose is Probably Thanking God that there isn't!

More than 50 Million Americans Suffer from Allergies every Year.

And with COVID-19 going around, Why Risk Sniffing Anything in Public?!

Get Texas Hand Poured Soy Candles & Tarts
Delivered to you Door Monthly.

And let Us Pick the Best Seasonal Scents for You!

Rustic Candle Box

Made of 100% All Natural Soy Wax & Hand Poured in Fort Worth, TX.

Candle Making is an Exact Science

  • Hidden Benefit #1: Our candles don't have hidden harmful chemicals in the recipe. We only use all natural ingredients. 
  • Hidden Benefit #2: Some waxes can be literally toxic for your health if you breath them in. (Paraffin is one of them) We use Soy.
  • Hidden Benefit #3: The Big Box Stores are loaded with candle scents known to trigger allergies. (While not all Allergies can be avoided) We steer clear of certain scents for your safety. 
  • ​Hidden Benefit #4: Other candles tend to build deposits and cause smoke while burning. We only use real crafted wood wicks for a clean crackling burn. 
  • Hidden Benefit #5: Most candle companies focus all there attention on the candle itself and forget about the container and presentation. We took this part just as serious. We literally made our logo into a Cattle Brand and Burn it into each wooden lid that go on our candles. Then we stain them for an extra shiny finish. 
  • ​Hidden Benefit #6: Retail prices for quality made candles range from $35-200 depending upon brand, container size, number of wicks, the hours it will burn and more. We won't charge you anywhere near $200!!!

Here at Rustic Territory:

You can say Candle Making is in our Blood. We are a 2nd Generation Candle Making Family. We only use supplies from the highest quality sources here in the USA. Each one has been hand picked with you.. Our beloved customer in mind. Our Veteran Owned Company is Operated in Fort Worth, Texas. We were established in 2017 and have since grown into a Successful Business. But we could not have done that without the love and support of all our Farmhouse Fanatics and Candle Lovers like You! ❤️

But here, don't just take our word for it... 

See what Our Customer Have to Say:

 I love my Rustic Candle Box, it always smells Amazing!!! I look forward to each month when it arrives. 
—Diana Green
 My favorite thing about the candle box is the crackling wick. It is very relaxing after a long day, I light it on the counter in my bath room while I soak in my bubbles.
—Elaine Reese
 The rustic candle box is one of the nicest candle subscriptions I've seen. And I've tried several. Love the hay stuffing, such a real rustic touch! They are doing things right over at Rustic Territory. 
—Donna Bryant
 I love the candle, but my favorite part about this whole subscription is the tarts! I take them with me to work and pop them in my scentsy on my desk. We aren't allowed to have open flames in the office so this still lets me enjoy the lovely fragrances while at my "home" away from home.
—Kelly Tanner

Here is What All You Get:

Full Replacement Insured Box

Shipped Straight to your Door in a Sturdy Well-Packed Box. Your Glass Candle rests in a Soft Nest of Straw Hay on its way to you! 🤠 We stuff it good so no need to worry about it breaking in transit. And if it does, we will make you another one FREE of charge! 

Please Note: **(Alternative Option to Hay Stuffing Available for individuals with Allergies)**
 Email: Support@RusticTerritory.com or Call 1-855-RUSTIC-T.

Value ($99.99)

Cattle Branded Candle

Our 12 ounce soy candles and tarts are neutral milk white that way you can place the candle in any room of your home. No matter your current color schemes. It will fit with any theme. Our candles and tarts are hand poured. They include 2 wood crackling wicks in the shape of a "T" because with a name like Rustic Territory... We like to say: "We are Rustic to a T". We use the finest glass libby jars. And a solid oak wood lid that we burn our cattle brand logo into and then stain with a honey clear coat. Each month you will be pleasantly surprised with a new seasonal scented candle and bag of tarts. 

Value ($99.99)

Personal Note from the Owner:

Every month the first thing you will find inside your Rustic Candle Box is a special note from the Owner: Emily Stricklin. This is where she tells you which scent she chose this month and why. Along with any added details. She makes the candles by hand and takes the time to type and sign these personal letters herself each and every month. She will know you by name and you will never be just a number!

Value ($99.99)

Complimentary Bag of Tarts:

We include a matching scented bag of 12 Rustic Star Shaped Tarts for your Tart burners. (Surprise Shapes to Come) Each bag has been tied with a Hemp Rope Bow Tie to continue our Rustic Theme. Once you un-tie the bag and sniff inside you will be instantly in heaven! Our tarts are loaded with enough fragrance to fill your whole room with the aroma. 

Value ($19.99)

Plus These Exclusive Bonuses:

FREE Shipping & Handling:

We don't charge you Extra for S&H like some companies. We rush ship your Rustic Candle Box using USPS on the 1st of every month. Each box is labeled with a Fragile sticker and delivered in typically 2-3 business days. If for any reason yours ever shows up broken just let us know and we will make you another. 

Value ($15.99)

FREE 20% Off Coupon:

For a limited time, We are Offering a Special (One Time Use) 20% Off Coupon to our Store: www.RusticTerritory.com
Use it to shop our whole Farmhouse Home Decor Store, loaded with items for your kitchen, bath, living and outdoors areas. Your sure to find something you love! ❤️

Value (20% Off the Average $100 Order= $20.00 Savings)

FREE Monthly Gift Cards:

We include a Pre-Paid Return Label with each Box so when your done with your candle, just use the original box to mail the jar & lid back. In exchange we will give you a $10 Cash Gift Card to our Store. Plus your not stuck with a ton of jars after all the wax is gone! This helps us recycle and keeps the cost low for all members.

Value ($10 x 12 Months in a Year= $120.00 Savings)

For a Grand Total Value of: $475.95!!! 

We just have a few questions for you...

Question #1: Now if all our Candles did was make your House smell like a HOME... Instead of like the dog's, cat's, kid's soccer cleats and your husband's sticking feet!!! Would it be worth it?

Question #2: And if all this Monthly Subscription did was Save You & Your Nose tons of sniffing & sneezing at the store trying to find the Perfect Scent of the Season... Would it be worth it?

Question #3: And what if all our Tarts did was instantly put you at ease with their Amazing SWEET Aroma after a long hard day at work... Would it be worth it?

Here's A Recap of 
When You Sign Up to the "Rustic Candle Box" Today!

  • Cattle Branded Candle: $99.99 $39.99
  • ​Full Replacement Insured Box: $99.99 FREE
  • Personal Note from Owner: $99.99 FREE
  • 12 Count Bag of Rustic Star Tarts: $19.99 FREE
  • ​BONUS #1: Shipping & Handling: $15.99 FREE
  • BONUS #2: ​20% Off Coupon: $20.00 FREE
  • BONUS #3: ​$10 Gift Cards Every Month: $120.00 FREE

Total Value: $475.95!!! For ONLY $39.99/Mo.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all our Candle Products backed by a Full Refund. If your product arrives damaged from shipping we will replace it for Free with our Free Replacement Program. If you don't absolutely love our Rustic Candle Boxes, cancel at any time! No questions asked. 

Here's What to Do Next...

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