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Have you ever walked into a Friend or Family members house & Immediatly felt Overwhelmed with Envy?

Their house is so PRETTY & FINISHED with PERFECT PRODUCTS for the SEASON...
and it leaves you feeling GLAD you didn't volunteer to HOST this year!!!

So what if...

We could GIFT you EVERYTHING you need to FINISH your HOME & have it looking BETTER than THEIR'S? How would that make you FEEL... ❤️

Get Farmhouse Catalog's Shipped Straight to your Door!

Join the Physical Catalog Club Today 
and get a FREE $20 Gift Card!

Did you know that about 90 Million Americans still purchase from Catalog's Today???

Even with the Significant Increase in Online Shopping Technology we have now.

That means 1 in every 4 households Shop from Catalogs...

Which is probably why it was our #1 Requested item since we started our Business in 2017!

But when we looked at Other Catalog Companies for Guidance, we didn't like what we saw...

Other Catalogs Give You:

  • Low Quality Pictures: Half the pictures are not crystal clear and can even show up blurry if there was Bad Print job. 
  • Item Numbers: Items are simply labeled with numbers or letters and a price. No Names, No Sizes, No Nothing...
  • Snail Mail Ordering Options: You always get this Huge Ordering Form with TINY FONT that you can barely read even with your glasses on, let alone write small enough to fill out and mail in. And even if you manage to, you will be waiting FOREVER for them to get it, process your order and snail mail it back to you!
  • ​Random Un-Related Products: We noticed random products like Duct Tape, Hammers and Pipe Glue spread throughout other Catalogs that had NOTHING to do with the products you were looking for.
  • Tons of White Space: They increase their page count by spreading out their pictures or making them bigger, often not filling the whole page with products for you to view. Oh, but they have 100+ pages!!! LOL
  • ​Disorganized Designs: You may find a sock and a cheeseboard on the same page which have Absolutely Zero Relevance to each other!?!
  • ​More Advertising than Products: Often you will see an AD on every other page because this is actually how they pay for their catalog expenses.

So, we decided to do things Differently...

Finally... A Catalog that Offers More than just Pretty Pictures to look at!

  • Crystal Clear Images: All our Pictures are Professionally taken and we Only use Top of the Line Printers to ASSURE you get the Best!
  • Names, Sizes, Prices & Item Numbers: The more information we can provide the better your shopping experience will be. We give you EVERYTHING You Need to Know without any of the FLUFF! 
  • Ability to Order by Mail, Online & Over the Phone: Not only can you mail in your order, you can also call it in or buy everything online. The CHOICE is YOURS!
  • No Random Products: You won't see any Duct Tape, Hammers or Pipe Glue in our Catalogs!!! That's for Sure. Only the Farmhouse Products you LOVE! ❤️
  • ​Zero White Space: We FILL UP our pages, All of them! So you may not get 100 + pages (YET, We are Still Growing) but each one will be packed FULL of Farmhouse Products for you to look at.
  • Well Thought Out & Organized Designs: We take the time to make sure each page is Carefully thought out with a common theme. You will NEVER find a Garden Planter right next to a Bathroom Vanity Mirror in our Catalog. That's a PROMISE!!! Plus... It just makes Sense! 🤣
  • No Paid Advertising: We DO NOT put any Paid Ads in our Catalog, our Catalog is for YOU!!! So it's simply filled with products you LOVE! ❤️ That's All.
  • And that's just the Catalog itself, we ALSO give you Extra Benefits included with our Catalog Club that we DO NOT See Offered ANYWHERE Else!

The NEW Rustic Territory Catalog Club Includes the Following Benefits:

😍 We have DOUBLED the SIZE and the VALUE!!! 😍

Rustic Territory Farmhouse Catalog's: Now with BIGGER (8.5 x11") Pages which are DOUBLE the Size of our Previous Catalogs & Packed FULL of our BEST Products!!! ❤️ Printed & Delivered Straight to your Door Automatically 4 Times a Year so you can instantly set your home apart from all your friends & family with breathtaking home decor. 🥰
Value ($30 each x 4= $120) 
FREE Shipping ALL Year: Not Only do you get FREE Shipping on all your Catalogs but as a Member of the Catalog Club you Also get FREE Shipping to our Store All Year Long!!!! (While your a Member) This lets you shop as much or as little as you want while NEVER having to pay any shipping fees! (Normally Only Orders Over $99 Qualify for FREE S&H) And our products are LARGE so S&H can go all the way up to $17.97 just for one item. This one benefit will SAVE YOU A TRUCK LOAD of MONEY!!! 🤑
Value (Avg. $15 S&H x 2 order per month= $360/YR Savings) 
Access to SECRET Products: Catalogs include items NOT AVAILABLE to the general public!!! This SECRET Access lets you make sure YOUR HOME always has ONE OF A KIND Farmhouse Decorations NOT FOUND at all the Big Box Stores. Setting your home apart from EVERYONE ELSE'S!!! Now, they will all be asking you... WHERE DID YOU GET THAT??? 😍
Value ($40 Product's You don't want to Miss x4 issues= $160) 
Ability to PRE-ORDER: Each Catalog Edition includes a full mixture of present in-stock items and items to come. The ability to PRE-ORDER lets your KEEP UP WITH WHAT'S TRENDING & GET ACCESS TO WHAT'S NEW before anyone else. Because YES, YOU ARE SPECIAL!!! 😉
Value ($40 Product's You get Early per issue x4 issues= $160) 
20% OFF Coupon: Each Farmhouse Edition Catalog comes with a NEW 20% OFF Coupon INSIDE for you to use at your leisure. This lets you COMPOUND SAVINGS!!! 🤑
Value (20% Off Avg. $100 Order= $20 Savings x 4 issues = $80) 
Ability to Mail In Orders: Conveniently pay your way (Online, by Phone, or by Mailing a Check). NO INTERNET REQUIRED. This is a VERY Popular Option with a Lot of our Customers! 👍
Value (No $50/Month Internet Bill Needed x 12 month's= $600) 
CONFIDENTIAL BONUS: Being a member of the Catalog Club obviously has it's benefits listed above, but to Sweeten the Deal Even More... We are giving you an Exclusive Opportunity to try our $39.99 per month Rustic Candle Box for only $7!!! The Secret Link will be included inside your Catalog and is Not Available Anywhere Else.
Value ($39.99- $7 Trail w/ Easy Cancellation= $32.99) 

Here at Rustic Territory:

We may not have invented the Catalog but we sure did our Very Best to RE-INVENT it with YOU our beloved customer in mind! Our Veteran Owned Company is Operated in Fort Worth, Texas. We were established in 2017 and have since grown into a Successful Business. But we could not have done that without the love and support of all our Farmhouse Family and Catalog Lovers like You! ❤️

But here, don't just take our word for it... 

See what Our Customer's Have to Say:

  •  I love the Catalog Club, the catalogs come quickly and are full of beautiful decorations for my home. I look forward to each catalog when it arrives. -Sandra R.
  •  I hate computers, so these catalogs are my go to for finding everything I need to finish my home. I just call in all my orders! -Betsy M.
  • I do most my shopping online, but I still love having these catalogs shipped to me so I can physically flip through the pages while I relax on the couch. It's nice to get off the screen and back to reality sometimes. -Diane B.
  • I don't have the internet and I don't care to! I live off my Social Security and don't do a lot of shopping but I use these catalogs mainly to give me gift ideas for my daughters. And occasionally, I'll find something I just have to have for myself. I mail in my orders, the old fashioned way. I always say, 'If it ain't broke... Don't fix it!" -Barbara W.
  •  I just got married and we bought our first home, these farmhouse catalogs give me plenty of ideas on how I want to fix it up! I signed up back when Rustic Territory first started their catalogs and they just keep getting better with each edition. And with the Free Shipping I get on all my orders, I'm saving a ton of money! My hubby likes that. LOL -Stephanie T.

And when you Join Today... We will Also throw in these AMAZING BONUSES:

BONUS #1 (NEW) BLOG Included: Starting with this Winter Edition, every Catalog will have 1 or More Blog Articles written by the Owner of Rustic Territory (Emily Stricklin). She will inspire you with Fun DIY Projects, Decorating Tips, Tricks and More...
Value ($50 each x 4= $200) 
BONUS #2 (NEW) QR Codes Inside: This is probably the Best Bonus of All... With these New QR Codes, all you have to do is scan it with your phone and PRESTO your on our website. It's that FAST & EASY!!! No more MIS-Typing in URL's and trying to find the shop on Google, just to get frustrated and give up. We make Shopping Simple! We have even included your Exclusive Catalog Club Member Free Shipping Coupon (embedded into the code) so you won't even have to type it in to claim your FREE Shipping Savings!  
Value (Saving you $5 in Headaches x 5 QR Codes in each Edition = $25 
x 4 Catalogs/YR = $100) 
BONUS #3 (FREE) $20 Gift Card w/ Purchase: To Thank You for joining our New & Improved Catalog Club we will give you a FREE $20 Gift Card Today! It will be delivered to you Instantly in your email inbox upon the completion of your order. And it will be ready to use immediately at our online store towards any Farmhouse Favorites you have been Eye-Balling. So go ahead and TREAT yourself with $20 OFF your Next Order!
Value ($20 CASH MONEY) 

Here's a Recap of EVERYTHING You'll Get when You Sign Up to the "Catalog Club" Today!

  • 4 Farmhouse Catalogs/ YR: We ship you Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter Editions. $120.00 Value
  • FREE Shipping: You get FREE Shipping on your Catalogs and you get FREE Shipping on ALL Your Orders (While a Member) $360.00 Value
  • Secret Product Access: Each Edition will have Secret Products Only Available to You as a Club Member! $160.00 Value
  • Ability to Pre-Order: You can Order items Not Even In Stock Yet and Get them 1st as soon as they arrive. $160.00 Value
  • ​20% Off Coupons:  Every Edition will include a new Special 20% Off Coupon for You as a Club Member. $80 Value
  • ​Ability to Order by Mail: You can still order by mail if you wish to Pay by Check. This is ideal for a lot of our customers who don't have internet. $600 Value
  • ​⭐ BONUS #1: (New Blog Included) Now our Catalog also includes a Personally Written Blog by the Owner of Rustic Territory. $200 Value
  • ⭐ ​BONUS #2: (New QR Codes Inside) This makes it Super Easy to Shop Online, no typing in website URL's necessary. Scan, Shop, Sleep! $100 Value
  • ⭐ ​BONUS #3: ($20 GIFT Card) Everyone who joins the Catalog Club today will immediately get a $20 Gift Card emailed to them. It works same as $20 CASH!

For a Grand Total Value of $1,800.00...

For Only $19.99 every 3 Month'sThat's Less than $6.67/ Month!!!

And Less than 22 Cents/ Day!!!

Choose Your Perfect Catalog Package Below! ⬇️

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all our Catalog's backed by a Full Refund. If your catalog arrives damaged from shipping we will replace it for Free with our Free Replacement Program. If you decide that you no longer wish to be part of our Catalog Club for any reason, you can cancel 100% HASSLE FREE. No questions asked!

So Don't Delay, Scroll Below & Join Today!

(Now Shipping the FALL 2024 Edition)

But Hurry, We only Printed 1000 Copies...
And will SELL OUT Again!!!
We Don't Print Extras. So Reserve your Copy Today!

P.S. Did we Mention you Get 4 Catalog's and FREE Shipping while a Member??? Join today to make sure you Don't Miss this Current Edition & each Catalog to Come!

Farmhouse Catalog Shipping Schedule:

 Spring Edition: Begins Shipping January 1st. 
Summer Edition: Begins Shipping  April 1st.
Fall Edition: Begins Shipping July 1st.
Winter Edition: Begins Shipping October 1st.


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SPECIAL ONE TIME OFFER- Only $3.99: Check the box above to include a Secret Surprise Farmhouse Sticker with your order. This is NOT our Beta Tester Sticker, & when you add it to your order today we won't charge any extra for Shipping!

SPECIAL ONE TIME OFFER- Only $6.99: Get our LIMITED EDITION Farmhouse LOVE Koozie included with your order today for only $6.99 plus FREE S&H. We don't sell this koozie anywhere else. They are 100% Custom made for Farmhouse Lovers just like YOU! But you can only grab one right here, right now.

SPECIAL ONE TIME OFFER- Only $9.99: Get a head start on your Shopping with our Digital Catalog while your Physical Catalog is being mailed to you. We will send it straight to your inbox, it has Clickable links and More! This is a Single Copy of the FALL 2024 Edition for a One Time Payment of $9.99 Available Today Only.

Item amount
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We Apologize... But This Offer has Expired and the Catalog Club has been LOCKED Down to all New Joins! 🔒

*Special Disclaimer* When you join the Physical Catalog Club Membership (3 Month Plan), you will be billed $19.99 every (3 Months) starting today. Your Catalog will be mailed on the next business day & your Club Benefits will be effective Immediately.  All membership benefits only valid while a paid member & will be delivered via email or inside the catalog & can be claimed at 
You can cancel Catalog Club membership at Any Time. 
*Special Disclaimer* When you join the Physical Catalog Club Membership (6 Month Plan), you will be billed $35.99 every (6 Months) starting today. Your Catalog will be mailed on the next business day & your Club Benefits will be effective Immediately.  All membership benefits only valid while a paid member & will be delivered via email or inside the catalog & can be claimed at 
You can cancel Catalog Club membership at Any Time. 
*Special Disclaimer* When you join the Physical Catalog Club Membership (12 Month Plan), you will be billed $67.97 every (12 Months) starting today. Your Catalog will be mailed on the next business day & your Club Benefits will be effective Immediately.  All membership benefits only valid while a paid member & will be delivered via email or inside the catalog & can be claimed at 
You can cancel Catalog Club membership at Any Time. 
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