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Hey... How Would You Like To Decorate Your Home While Saving Money like a VIP?

“How to Avoid BREAKING the Bank while decorating your home with the latest Seasonal Farmhouse Décor without WAITING on Holiday Sales & RISK the items you want Most being SOLD-OUT Already!

With the Rustic "VIP" Bundle!

Has that Ever Happened to You… 

You want something REALLY bad and when you finally got the money, they were SOLD-OUT & you had to drive ALL Over Town to each store looking for it? Or even worse… Wait for another few MONTHS just to get it!!!

Because if something ain’t absolutely a NECESSITY to survive like food, gas, rent & utilities then it gets put in the “luxury” bucket, because "you don’t need it." 😥

Well NOT Anymore... STOP putting off getting what YOU Want!

Because you Only Live ONCE, right? And you work your tail off, so you Deserve to Spoil Yourself once in a while! 🥰

Introducing... The Rustic "VIP" Coupon Book!

Are you ready to STRETCH your Dollar & keep MORE money in your pocket or purse while furnishing your home with the farmhouse decorations you DREAM of… And do it whenever it’s convenient for you?

We went through our entire Sales History of nearly 
5 years and found all our Top Sellers...

Then took those same Top Sellers & created Secret Offers around each one, delivering them on a Shiny Silver SAVINGS Platter all wrapped up w/ a Big RED Shiny Bow on Top!!!😍

  • Unlock INSTANT Access to Secret Offers, Special Coupons & Private "VIP" Deals NOT Available to the Public.
  • ​It’s Stuffed FULL of Over $500 in Total Savings Inside! (Actually it's $875 total... But who's counting?)
  • ​This means you can SAVE MONEY on Every Order if you CASH in the Coupons inside this book. ($500 Value)
  • Delivered Instantly: This Rustic "VIP" Coupon eBook will be delivered to you Immediately upon your purchase. 
  • ​Includes Clickable Links: Simply click the Coupon you want to Cash In and It will take you straight to our Store.  
  • ​QR Codes for EASY Access: Or you can scan the QR Codes with your Phone to instantly go Shop.
  • ​50 Full Pages of SAVINGS Inside: Each Page features a New Way to SAVE on Decorating Your Home!!!
  • ​Use ANYTIME: 100% of the Coupons NEVER Expire, use them this Year or ANYTIME you want! You have LIFETIME Access to them as a "VIP"!
Rustic "VIP" Coupon eBook: STUFFED Full of OVER $500 in Coupons, Secret Offers & Savings inside. Save Money on Every Single Order when you CASH in your Coupons!
Total Value ($500) 

The Rustic "VIP" Coupon Book Includes 50 Pages of the Following:

Tons Of Coupons: We Lost Count just how many Coupons are inside the "VIP" Coupon book, but the SAVINGS are INSANE!!!
Several SECRET Offers: Unlock Private "VIP" Access to SECRET Offers Not Available to the public!!!
FREE Gift Cards: Included inside your "VIP" Coupon Book!
FREE CASH Vouchers: Included inside your "VIP" Coupon Book!
CONFIDENTIAL BONUS: Being a member of the Catalog Club obviously has it's benefits listed above, but to Sweeten the Deal Even More... We are giving you an Exclusive Opportunity to try our $39.99 per month Rustic Candle Box for only $7!!! The Secret Link will be included inside your Catalog and is Not Available Anywhere Else.
Value ($39.99- $7 Trail w/ Easy Cancellation= $32.99) 
  •  I love the Catalog Club, the catalogs come quickly and are full of beautiful decorations for my home. I look forward to each catalog when it arrives. -Sandra R.
  •  I hate computers, so these catalogs are my go to for finding everything I need to finish my home. I just call in all my orders! -Betsy M.
  • I do most my shopping online, but I still love having these catalogs shipped to me so I can physically flip through the pages while I relax on the couch. It's nice to get off the screen and back to reality sometimes. -Diane B.
  • I don't have the internet and I don't care to! I live off my Social Security and don't do a lot of shopping but I use these catalogs mainly to give me gift ideas for my daughters. And occasionally, I'll find something I just have to have for myself. I mail in my orders, the old fashioned way. I always say, 'If it ain't broke... Don't fix it!" -Barbara W.
  •  I just got married and we bought our first home, these farmhouse catalogs give me plenty of ideas on how I want to fix it up! I signed up back when Rustic Territory first started their catalogs and they just keep getting better with each edition. And with the Free Shipping I get on all my orders, I'm saving a ton of money! My hubby likes that. LOL -Stephanie T.

Because when you order the Rustic "VIP" Coupon Book Today... 
We will Also throw in these VERY Special "VIP" BONUSES:

BONUS #1 The Rustic “VIP” Shipping Pass:

This gives you 100% FREE Shipping on ALL Orders placed on our store for a FULL Year with NO Order Minimums, EVER! Everyone else pays $9.99-17.99 S&H PER Order, each and every time as long as their Total is Under $100. 

And our average customer, shops with us 2-4 times per month. So, you can easily see how FAST those Pesky Shipping Fees stack up! 

The Rustic “VIP” Shipping Pass will Easily SAVE you a TON of Money just on Shipping Fees alone over a period of a WHOLE YEAR. That is why it is Valued at $500 & hands down would be worth every penny for the amount of money it will save you. 

We Do NOT Sell this FREE Shipping Pass ANYWHERE… 

In fact, it is Brand NEW!!! It is only available for a LIMITED Time when you get the Rustic “VIP” Bundle.

Total Value: ($500) 

BONUS #2 The Rustic “VIP” FAST Pass: 

This gives you PRIORITY Processing on Every Order placed in the Next YEAR! Do you know what Processing Time is? If not, let us explain…

All Businesses have what is called “Processing Time” & “Shipping Time.” The Processing time is the amount of time it takes us to get to your order, pick, pack and ship it. Then the Shipping time, is the amount of time it takes to actually get to you.

Right now, our normal processing timeframe ranges from 3-5 business days due to our High Volume in orders and Small Staff. But this Rustic “VIP” FAST Pass will take your processing time down to only 1-2 business days!

As soon as you submit an order, it will be immediately marked as “PRIORITY” and will be moved to the front of the line. (Even if 100 other people ordered before you!) So, you get to skip the line… Just like at Six Flags, HAHA and this means you get your order delivered to your door much FASTER!!!

We probably could have easily valued this Benefit at $500 but to be fair, we decided to give it a $250 Value. Which is a STEAL and this is also NEW & NOT SOLD ANYWHERE Else!!!

Total Value: ($250) 

BONUS #3 The Rustic “VIP ALL-INCLUSIVE” Warranty: 

Everything you order in the next year will be Automatically covered with a 100% Fully Insured Warranty for 1 YEAR!!!

Now normally, you would have to Purchase a Warranty at the time of purchase and it would ONLY cover everything in that ONE Order from potential problems that may occur at any time.

But with this Rustic “VIP ALL-INCLUSIVE” Warranty, you are getting the same exact coverage as if you bought a Warranty on Every Single Order for a FULL YEAR!!!

Without having to actually pay ALL those EXPENSIVE Warranty Fees… 

Not to mention, if something breaks after even 1 day of ownership… Without a Warranty, you would be Stuck having to replace that item out of pocket! But when you have this New Rustic “VIP ALL-INCLUSIVE” Warranty package, it is fully covered! Along with ANYTHING else that you buy for again, a WHOLE YEAR!!!

Now that is VALUABLE, and could Easily Save you OVER $500 in Fees and or Replacements. And you can ONLY get it as part of the Special Rustic “VIP” Bundle, because it is also NOT Available ANYWHERE Else!!!

Total Value: ($500) 

Are you ready to SAVE like a "VIP"???

But don't just take our word for it... 

Take a Look at This!

With the Rustic "VIP" Coupon Book & Rustic "VIP" Shipping Pass you can DOUBLE UP & COMBINE DISCOUNTS!!! 🤑

Just imagine, having complete PEACE OF MIND knowing that every piece of farmhouse décor you furnish your home with in the Next YEAR will be at the Price you Want to Pay… Without having to wait on Holiday Sales.

Your Order will ALWAYS be Processed as a PRIORITY, meaning pushed to the front of the line… Even if we have HUNDREDS in front of you! Which means your wait time DRASTICALLY DECREASES!

And with the HOLIDAYS quickly approaching this will be VERY Handy for all you Last Minute Shoppers! Plus, NEVER Pay for Shipping on our store, with ZERO ORDER Minimums!

While on top of ALL that… EVERYTHING will be 100% FULLY INSURED by our Rustic “VIP ALL-INCLUSIVE” Warranty!

Now that is Absolutely 1,000% PRICELESS!!!

Here's a Recap of EVERYTHING You'll Get when You get the "Rustic "VIP" Bundle" Today!

  • ​The Rustic "VIP" Coupon Book: OVER $500 in Coupons, Secret Offers & Savings inside. (That NEVER Expire!!!) $500 Value
  • ​⭐ BONUS #1: (Rustic "VIP" Shipping Pass) = 1 Year FREE Shipping on ALL Orders! (NOT Available ANYWHERE Else) $500 Value
  • ⭐ ​BONUS #2: (Rustic FAST Pass) = 1 YEAR PRIORITY Processing on ALL Orders! (NOT Available ANYWHERE Else) $250 Value
  • ⭐ ​BONUS #3: (Rustic "VIP ALL-INCLUSIVE" Warranty) = Everything You Order in the Next YEAR will be Automatically under a Full 1 YR "ALL-INCLUSIVE" Warranty. (NOT Available ANYWHERE Else) $500 Value

For a Grand Total Value of $1,750.00...

Normally $297, Only $97 Today.

Our 100% SAVINGS Guarantee:

This Rustic “VIP” Bundle is 100% Guaranteed to Save You Money on decorating your home this year. And with Inflation & gas prices at an ALL Time High… We completely understand that Every little bit helps!!! That’s why we created this Rustic “VIP” Bundle especially for you! 

ATTENTION: Due to the Rising USPS & UPS Shipping Prices and all the Stress it adds to our Small Staff moving your orders to the Front of the line as "PRIORITY" every time:

We are Only Letting 10 People...
Grab this Rustic "VIP" Bundle Today!!!  
 So Claims Yours Now... 
Before this Special SAVINGS Opportunity Disappears.

P.S. Did we Mention that the Coupons NEVER Expire??? Grab the Rustic "VIP" Bundle today and Save a TON on Decorating Your Farmhouse this Year!

Shop & SAVE like a VIP, with the...

 Rustic “VIP” Bundle:

Rustic “VIP” Coupon Book… A ($500 Value)
+ BONUS #1) Rustic “VIP” Shipping Pass… A ($500 Value)
+ BONUS #2) Rustic “VIP” FAST Pass… A ($250 Value)
+ BONUS #3) Rustic “VIP ALL-INCLUSIVE” Warranty… A ($500 Value)

A Total Value of $1,750+

ALL for ONLY 1 Single Payment of $97 Today.

We Apologize... But This Offer has Expired and the Catalog Club has been LOCKED Down to all New Joins! 🔒

So, unless you NEVER plan on Shopping or Swapping out ANYTHING in your home in the next YEAREVER??? Click the Button Below.

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